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Kistaco Farm History

In 1922 Claude R. Yerger and Bertha Kimmel Yerger purchased 120 acres in Kiskiminetas Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Shortly after they moved to the farm, they named it Kistaco (Kiss/tah/koe) Farm, which is an acronym derived from Kiskiminetas Township, Armstrong County. Before 1923 they planted their first apple trees.

Over the next 30 years, Kistaco Farm produced everything from milk, hogs, and eggs to fruits and vegetables.  Apples were then, as now, the main crop.

In 1950 William L. Hileman, who had worked on the farm from the age of 10, went into partnership with Mr. Yerger. In 1957 Bill married the Yerger's youngest daughter, Lois Jean. By this time the farm had transitioned to strictly fruit and vegetable production.

Through the 1960s and early 1970s Bill and Jean Hileman took the business from mainly wholesale to direct marketing by establishing Kistaco Farm's first on-site farm market. They also attended  many weekly farmers' markets including Heidelberg, Greensburg, and East Liberty.

In 1986 Timothy W. Hileman, Bill and Jean's oldest son, went into partnership with Bill.

In 1996 Tim and his wife, Suzanne, became the owners of Kistaco Farm.  They, along with the help of their three children, Miranda, Alex and Leah, still produce apples, cider and many other seasonal fruits and vegetables on the 235-acre farm. 

Kistaco Farm Market

3483 N. Balsiger Road

Apollo PA 15613

Directions To This Location


Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM,

Saturday 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM,

Closed Sunday

 Our store is open YEAR-ROUND.


Phone:  724.478.4361



What We Grow and When

Type Available
Asparagus  Late May through June
 Blueberries July
Bok Choy Various times throughout the summer
Broccoli Most of the summer and into fall
 Sour Cherries June and early July
Sweet Cherries Early July
 Sweet Corn August and September
 Cucumbers July
Cabbage Sprouts September or October
 Collards Most of the summer and into fall
Blue Scotch Kale
 Red Russian Kale
Swiss Chard
Green Beans  
 Lettuce  June
 Boston Lettuce  
 Green Leaf Lettuce
 Red Leaf Lettuce
 Romaine Lettuce
Baby Salad Greens various times throughout the year
Red Onions  
 Sweet Onions  
Snow Peas July
Sugar Snap Peas  
Peaches July and throughout the summer
Cubanelle Peppers  August and September
 Green Bell Peppers   August and September
Hot Banana Peppers  August and September
Jalapeno Peppers  August and September
 Pickling Cucumbers  July
Methley Plums  
 Prune Plums  
Rhubarb June
 Strawberries June
Tomatoes August, September, maybe October
Grape Tomatoes  
 Roma Tomatoes
Pear Tomatoes
Watermelon    August and September
Winter Squash  October and throughout the winter
Yellow Squash  July and throughout the summer
Green and Yellow Zucchini  July and throughout the summer